Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time for a quickie

Well I have once again forgot to update this blog. Something that I actually love doing, but you would never know it. I am constantly taking pictures and making new and exciting foods that I really want to share, but there is so much that I have not shared yet that I feel like I can't share the new stuff without sharing the old.

So here is a quickie recap of old adventures and if anyone REALLY needs more info on any of them then please let me know and I will elaborate accordingly.

HONEYMOON!! These pictures are just a few of my faves. They include a steak salad that I had on our first night in Victoria, BC. Flowers from Buchart Gardens. Cody and I at afternoon tea at the Empress. Fish and chips from Barbs. The Empress the night of our ghost walk. Whale Watching!! And quite possibly the best food item that I had on the whole trip...a Belgian Waffle from a food cart.

Wonderful soda from POP CULTURE here in Vancouver, WA. My Fave was the ginger ale and the Creamy Red Birch Beer from Boylan's.

GO COUGS!! This was our first attempt at tailgating. We had fun but we already have a long list of things that we will do differently next year. Maybe if we tailgate right the Cougies will win.
The GARLIC FRIES were good too.

GREEN DRAGON. This is one of Cody's favorites places!! I have no idea what beer he was drinking, but they have a huge selection and Cody always takes like 5 minutes oooing and ahhing over just the beer menu. And more fries. But these are serious fries. They have some kind of seasoning that I think makes them wonderful, but the guy would not tell me what it is. a secret i guess.

VOO DOO DOUGHNUTS!!! Yes that is a Bacon maple bar. The peanutbutter and jelly one was mine and was superb. I dream about it.

Last tomotoes of the season. Turned into Salsa and Guacamole.

Fingers. butternut squash. and the BEST SANDWHICH in the world-the goofyfoot from Surfer Sands in Long Beach, WA. I PROMISE there will be another long post about this sandwhich. Explaining exactly how to make it at home and what is actually in this veggie delight!!

Our first annual Halloween party was a total success and while there were many pictures taken that night I am only going to share this one of Code and I. Dracula and a witch.

For our next HUGE adventure Cody and I are going down a different path. We have desided to try out a pescatarian diet. No meat or meat products except for seafood. I have been cooking up a veggie storm in the kitchen and have lots of new dishes to share. But you will have to wait for next time for that.

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