Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Beer Loyalist's Dilemma


This is one of my top ten favorite beers and I look forward to its release every fall! The dilemma is that they release it too early. I am weak so I buy it, but I wouldn't mind if they waited till at least October or early November. I am just now getting ready for fall and here come all of the delicious winter warmers. I would like to concentrate my efforts on more of the fall style beers before moving into winter. (Although at this instant I am enjoying a 2009 Jubelale in an elegant 2006 Jubelale pint glass!)

Another reason to look forward to this seasonal release is the fact that they pick a different local artist to design the label every year. I am enjoying this year's design, though it doesn't stand up to the classic labels of 2005 and 2006!
It isn't quite the same enjoying Jubelale in 80 degree weather, instead of a dark, frigid night in December. But I am excited that it has arrived and look forward to great fall/winter seasons and great beers!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sea salt caramels.

Who knew I could love something more than Cody?? Just kiddin' bear! But really these are so wonderful with the coarse salt and sweet buttery caramel. I just had to take a deep breath! I saw the recipe on Shutterbean awhile ago and I have had them in the back of my mind to make, but I just had one tiny problem. I did not own any sea salt. The original recipe calls for flur de sel but said sea salt would work fine. I looked all over and finally found some salt that was to my liking at HomeGoods of all places! (If you have never been there-it is definitely worth the trip! Lots of stuff for decorating and some just overall weird items)

With my new salts and a good hankering for caramel I went home and got to work.

I even took a few to each of my neighbors. I got many many thanks and yesterday was garbage day and when I got home my garbage can and recycling bins had already been pulled back under the carport! SCORE!!!!

WARNING- the recipe just says to wait until the sugar mixture is "the right color" and then add the milk. Well the second time I did this I waited until the mixture was a dark golden brown-Think deep beach tan-and the end result had a twinge of burned flavor. The first time I only let the sugar mixture get a light golden brown-Think sunkissed beach tan-and they turned out perfect!!

The only variation I made from the recipe is I added melted chocolate to the top of mine and then sprinkled them with the salt. Heaven.

Friday, September 4, 2009