Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Beer Loyalist's Dilemma


This is one of my top ten favorite beers and I look forward to its release every fall! The dilemma is that they release it too early. I am weak so I buy it, but I wouldn't mind if they waited till at least October or early November. I am just now getting ready for fall and here come all of the delicious winter warmers. I would like to concentrate my efforts on more of the fall style beers before moving into winter. (Although at this instant I am enjoying a 2009 Jubelale in an elegant 2006 Jubelale pint glass!)

Another reason to look forward to this seasonal release is the fact that they pick a different local artist to design the label every year. I am enjoying this year's design, though it doesn't stand up to the classic labels of 2005 and 2006!
It isn't quite the same enjoying Jubelale in 80 degree weather, instead of a dark, frigid night in December. But I am excited that it has arrived and look forward to great fall/winter seasons and great beers!

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  1. Hellsssss yes. Let's get the face fat on! Jubel Ale is here for 2009!