Monday, June 29, 2009

long time comin'

I have neglected you little blog. and for that i apologize. I will do better. BUT I do have an excuse..Last Sunday morning around 1:30AM I had horrid pain in my lower abdomen. Horrific pain. The night before was my bachelorette party and so when I got sick I thought that I had just drank too much. That was not the case. It turns out I had appendicitis and had to have my appendix taken out! I went into surgery at about 11:30-ish on Sunday night and went home Monday at about 10 AM!! I am still recovering, and kind of enjoying my scars. Like a badge of honor.

So, while still feeling a little tired and worn-out, Cody and I went to the Recycled Arts Festival at Ester Short Park in downtown Vancouver. Vancouver maybe just "another suburb of Portland" but they have so many awesome summer events! We have been super busy every weekend just checking out what is going on a few blocks from our house.

Here are some high-lights in picture form:
This chair is covered in beer caps. It was so funny to look at these because I couldn't help but think of all the beer this guy had to drink to make it-and how in about 3 months I could probably make the same chair with all the beer Cody drinks! :) Just kiddin' Code.

Here is a school of rock fish that I LOVED!!! (Sorry for the underlining...I must have hit something and now I don't know how to turn it off. grrrr...)

The metal mermaid. She kinda freaked me out but was also really cool. We saw a lot of other things like funny dolls, stained glass, other sculptures. Overall it was a great experience and we plan on going back next year with a little cash to spend!

Blog, (and Readers if there are any other there) I promise it will not be that long until I post again. And why is the underline on again??? **sigh

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