Sunday, August 23, 2009

Plenty Of Mohicans: The Pursuit of the Perfect Spread

We just got back from Kat and Aaron's housewarming party weekend extravaganza. We had a great time! But there were a few photos taken that will provide proof of the most extensive, impressive, and delicious Spread I have ever seen. But let us not get ahead of ourselves.

Here we have "Master Spreader" Aaron Kayser starting the preparatory process. Kayser is at the forefront of bringing Spreading back into America's collective consciousness. His hard work and innovative style allow him to create Spreads like none have seen before. His knife skills are unparalleled and he has the presence of a... Morimoto, or Bobby Flay in the kitchen. The Iron Kitchen that is. Aaron's "Us versus the world" mentality is awe-inspiring and must be experienced in person to truly appreciate his presence in the kitchen.
But before we get to the final product, let's talk about what else happened. We stumbled upon a new drinking game that we coined "Coaster Flip" or "Flippin' Coasters". The object of the game is to flip a beer coaster from the table to the top of an object, pint glass, growler, etc. And when you succeed everyone has to drink. It may not be a very effective drinking game because, depending on your coaster flipping abilities, it can be a difficult task to complete. Amazing how easily entertained some college graduates are these days.

So by this point the party is in full swing. We had a delicious lasagna dinner and watched the Seahawks pre-season game. Everyone having a great time. A couple hours go by...and its time for the 10 o'clock Bite. The Spread. All of Kat and Aaron's hard work had paid off. They were about to present us with the greatest spread ever created.

The Spread was life altering. I couldn't believe my eyes. I can only imagine the crazed look in my eye as I aggressively moved through the crowd toward the table. I made my seat as close to the food as was possible. From there I ate...and ate...and ate...and ate...and ate. I could not get enough of the homemade hummus. At that point, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

The party continued on into the night. We kept eating. We kept drinking. And simply enjoyed the company of those around us. This was an indulgent weekend. It was a fantastic weekend. I feel extremely fortunate to associate with people who want to enjoy life as much as I do. Through delicious food. Well crafted adult beverages. And lasting friendships.

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