Friday, July 17, 2009

I earned these beers!!

*Listening to: Derecho-Machiatto, Larrabee, After The Deception Passed, Secret Beat #5, The Dynamic, Leave It Behind (AK Remix)

So today I worked a 9 hour day in 95 degree weather. Let's just say I felt obligated to enjoy some fine craft brews tonight! I started the night off with Anchor Brewing's Liberty Ale! I forgot how great this beer is! It was the perfect beer to enjoy on a ridiculously hot evening. Great hop flavor and carbonation. This beer was actually first brewed in 1975 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Paul Revere's legendary ride. Well in 2175 I'm going to brew a beer to commemorate the 200th anniversary of this beer!

The next beer I enjoyed was the Hop Devil Ale from Victory Brewing Co. in Downington, PA. I have always seen this beer around, but have never gotten around to trying it. Well, it was worth the wait. This hoppy, yet refreshing ale sits at 6.7% abv.

The 3rd beer of the evening is near and dear to my heart. Monk's Cafe Flemish Sour Ale! This beer is absolutely delicious! Sour ales are definitely an acquired taste, that I have acquired. When I first tried this beer last fall I couldn't comprehend what I was tasting. I didn't like it. Now I can appreciate it for what it is. Amazing. The beer has a sour aroma, almost like vinegar. But the finish is an intricate inter-weaving of sweet and sour. Sour ales are great. This is your introductory sour ale. Go find it. Go drink it. Let me know.

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  1. Well, hopefully when I'm almost 200 years old I'll get to try your commemorative beer. While listening to Machiatto 2 of course.